Yamaha announces R3 Blu Cru European cup, stepping stone to World SSP300 series

Blu Cru

The Yamaha YZF-R3 European single-brand championship will see many riders competing in a class that aims to be a breeding ground of future world champions

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  • Blu Cru

Yamaha has announced the Yamaha R3 BLU CRU European Cup. The brand conceived this even with the aim of an R3 single-brand European championship, open to all participants. Yamaha believes the sport should give a challenge to all. Hence, this new competition might see many riders competing at the same level, in a class that year-by-year. Yamaha projects this as a breeding ground of future world champions.

The Yamaha R3 BLU CRU European Cup is suitable for riders coming from minor classes. It is aimed at riders wanting to qualify for the World SSP 300 series. This applies even to novices with little previous experience, no team, or no bike. For 2019, Yamaha expects many riders to take part in the Yamaha R3 BLU CRU European Cup. This is because Yamaha also offers both riders and teams the support needed for a full-fledged career.

What will the R3 BLU CRU offer the racers

Riders in the Yamaha R3 BLU CRU European Cup will get two hours practice per event. This will better prepare them for the World SSP 300 series. The championship will have a series of seven races on well-known tracks. These include the Jerez de la Frontera (Spain), Portimao (Portugal), Pannonia-Ring (Hungary), Most (Czech Republic). Besides that tracks as Varano (Italy), Ring Knutstorp (Sweden) and Alès (France) will also be included.

Yamaha expects the racers to meet the challenges of each of these tracks. The formula of the Yamaha R3 BLU CRU European Cup consists of giving international level racing with accessible costs. Additionally, this also concentrates competition to a one-day event during weekends.

Registrations for the Yamaha R3 BLU CRU European Cup are now open and the first applications have come from Greece and Indonesia, with one event entry from as far afield as New Zealand. Hence, this indicates the growing popularity of the series and some riders are registering for the event at Portimao, in preparation for their race in the World SSP 300 series.

International partners are also on board, including FIM Europe, Yamaha Motor Europe and Dunlop as well as JVC-Kenwood for the radio communication and dash-cam on-board of each Yamaha YZF-R3. Kyocera will also be the official document solutions provider and Tinazzi experience will be enjoyed in the hospitality area reserved to the guests.

Interested riders can apply on or contact for further details

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