Long-term: Aprilia SR150 January 2016

Although it does have a 150cc motor, it gives an efficiency figure of 37.5kmpl which is not far off from the other scooters in the market

What is it about Italian motorcycles with their drop-dead gorgeous styling that leaves us all spellbound? For years, Ducatis, Bimotas, Moto Guzzis, MV Agustas and Aprilias have left me drooling away like a stoned junkie. But these beauties come at a hole-in-pocket price and I could only envisage owning their 1:18 scale versions which ultimately would end up in my father’s vast die-cast collection.

But there are some perks to this job! I am lucky to have a 1:1 scale model of a fully functional Aprilia as my long-termer – so what if it is only 150cc and a scooter. The Italian racing DNA of Aprilia is very much present in the SR 150. Many declared that this 150cc moto-scooter would end up as an exclusive commodity product, as with our previous experiences with sister brand Vespa. Piaggio though had other plans, launching the SR 150 at a very attainable price. This becomes the cheapest way (and the only way) I could afford an Italian motorcycle in my garage. Not only for me but for many others too, the SR 150 has become a means of boasting about owning an Aprilia. And the proof of it is in the pudding, as they are selling like hot cakes here in Pune.

Sure it doesn’t have the long floorboard space to put all your vegetables, but when you get emotionally blackmailed by your mother, you can be thankful that there is at least some space. Take your younger brother along with you to do the shopping and he can hold the extra bags of condiments that your mother added to the shopping list on your way out.

It doesn’t accommodate my full face helmet but that has never been a problem for me as I would rather have my slightly expensive Icon Airmada on my personal being rather than in the boot of the scooter which would otherwise shut after bending it out of proportions. That being said, it does have as much room under the seat as a pair of clothes might require.

The fuel economy is not bad either. Although it does have a 150cc motor, it gives an efficiency figure of 37.5kmpl which is not far off from the other scooters in the market. Yes, I would have liked the Vespa’s eight-litre fuel tank to be carried over here but then on the flip-side it would eat up more room under the seat and increase the overall weight of the bike by a few crucial kilos changing the overall dynamics of the bike. If you still think it’s impractical, then you are better off with your Activa. If not, then I may have scope to align you towards the SR 150. Allow me a couple of months to demonstrate just that.

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