Long term: Aprilia SR150

This month I have mostly been… “Having fun. I had quite forgotten just how much fun there is to be had on this Italian scooter”

Why can’t all scooters be like this? I remember wondering when I had first ridden the Aprilia SR 150 in Coimbatore. It was unlike any scooter I had ridden till then. It was genuinely powerful, had dynamics that would shame many a motorcycle and looks to match. Sure, it wasn’t particularly practical when you compared it to all the rest of the scooters available but then with so much compensating for practicality, who the hell cared? Memory however often fades and not having ridden the thing for more than half a year, I had quite forgotten just how much fun could be had on this machine. The kind of fun that lights up a true blue biker’s eyes. Proper enthusiast stuff.

The long wheelbase and the 14-inchers stand it in good stead

I have been riding around on this for the past month and I can tell you it has been a blast. I am thoroughly enjoying the nifty handling and the punchy motor. So much so that I have caught myself secretly racing bikes to the traffic lights on more than one occasion. It really is that good. I even won a couple of them. And guess what? It feels damn good.

The brakes need no more than a finger’s pressure

On the downside, the bike doesn’t feel as good as I remember from its early days. Apart from the fact that Jehan had a spill on it, the engine note seems raspier (in a nasty way) and the suspension seems to have become rock hard. The headlamp too seems to have dimmed somewhat in low beam. Or perhaps it needs adjustment. The good bit is the brakes are as good as they were right at the beginning. What I can’t figure out is if this is regular deterioration or if this is a one off problem. Our friend and colleague Afzal Rawuther too has one and his bike seems to be fine. Although, his is much newer. I guess we’ll find out at the next service.

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