Bengaluru based start-up AptEner Mechatronics introduces helmet cooler


Designed to fit any full face helmet, the cooler reduces temperature by 6-15°C over the ambient temperature

Riding a bike with a full face helmet in most cities where temperatures rise above 40°C during peak summers is nothing short of an ordeal. To curb this issue, AptEner Mechatronics, a Bengaluru based start-up, has come up with a unique idea of a strap-on cooler for your full face helmet. The BluSnap cooler keeps helmet cool, so that rider does not end up sweaty and dusty after the ride.

The system consists of a water reservoir, a fan, a rechargeable battery and a replaceable anti-bacterial filter.  The fan blows cool air into the helmet using a small pipe that is designed to fit under the lower part of the helmet. The capacity of the rechargeable battery is 10 hours on a single charge. The anti-bacterial filter filters out particulate matter and other dust from the atmosphere and lasts for about three to six months depending on its usage. The anti-bacterial filter which costs around Rs 150 – Rs 200, is available on the company’s website.

Just like strapping a goggle on your Moto helmet, the BluSnap cooler can also be strapped on to any full face helmet. On a full reservoir, the cooler can provide up to 2 hours of cooling. The reservoir can hold 80-85ml of water.

On the development of BluSnap cooler, PK Sundararajan Krishnan, CEO of AptEner Mechatronics, said, “Cooling for the helmet is an idea whose time has definitely come and we are confident that BluSnap is going to be a game-changer product for two-wheeler riders.”

The company has sold around 1250 helmet coolers in 14 states and helmet manufacturer has also partnered with Vega Auto, where the latter will market the product through its dealer network. The price of the product retails at Rs 2299, including taxes and shipping.

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