Auto Expo 2018: Twenty Two Motors launches the Flow electric scooter at Rs. 74,740

Twenty Two Motors Flow

The startup has loaded its first product to the gills with features

Words by Afzal Rawuther

Twenty Two motors has launched its new electric scooter – Flow at the Auto Expo 2018. The scooter will be available for a sticker price of Rs. 74,740.The startup was founded in Gurgaon in 2016 and the Flow is the first product from the company. Pre-booking has commenced today.

You can switch between Power and Eco riding modes with a simple switch

The Flow is powered by a 2.1kW motor with a torque of 90Nm. The Flow has a 32 AH lithium-ion battery pack which is completely replaceable and takes five hours for a full charge. Twenty Two motors is claiming that te Flow will have a range of 80kms and with the aid of a fast charger, the Flow can be charged to 70 percent in an hour. The modular architecture of the scooter also ensures that it can carry two battery packs at once for a total range of 160km and can get to a top speed of 60kmph. The scooter only weighs 85kg and should be easy to ride in the city.

The LCD instrument console is a sight in itself

The Flow also has a slew of features, some of them unheard of in a scooter. It has a reverse gear, cruise control, hill assist and a drag function – where the scooter will moves itself at 3 to 5kmph so that you can drag it in case of a puncture. It also has an SOS feature for emergencies. The scooter has a dedicated mobile app that communicates with the scooter and the user and tells the user about charge status, tracks GPS location of the bike and reminds the user about impending repairs and allows the user to request a repair on the app. The user can also set the top speed and max torque that he or she wants to have on the scooter. The scooter also has a geo fencing option wherein the user can ensure that the scooter doesn’t leave the pre-defined area. It will switch off as it leaves the region. The Flow also has a mobile charging socket and underseat storage than can fit two helmets.

The LED headlights add to the retro-modern charm of the Flow

The Flow also features disc brakes both front and rear along with regenerative braking. The digital instrument console is a real novelty as far as scooters in India are concerned and displays loads of information. The Flow also has LED lights all around. The scooter is production ready and Twenty Two motors have a manufacturing facility in Rajasthan with a production capacity of 2 lakh units a year.

The scooter will be present at select experience centres where one can book the scooter to be home delivered. The startup plans to start with deliveries soon and will have its first experience centre in Gurgaon.

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