5 Must-Watch Motorcycling Movies That Will Inspire You To Saddle Up!

Watch these brilliant films to plan your next bike trip!

For me, the emotions and feelings that a motorcycle delivers are quite evocative. And if one is able to transcend the said emotions on reel, I am truly gaga over them. While we have had some horrendous movies where motorcycling is the central theme (which is a post for a later date), we are fortunate to have some great ones as well. Obviously, movies are subjective, but I can guarantee that you will have fun watching these flicks.


1. WHY WE RIDE –Walking West Entertainment and Gnarlynow Entertainment

No motorcycling film has managed to quite capture the essence of any and every form of motorcycling quite like “Why We Ride” has. In the 89 minutes of run time, director Bryan H Caroll has delivered a documentary like none other. Although a majority of the film focuses on the American motorcycling scenario, the ethos can be drawn to any and every part of the world. Plus there are some great insights as well as untold stories like the creation of the Daytona 200 race, a ‘Why We Ride’ featuring bikers across the spectrum and much more. From King Kenny Roberts, multiple times 500cc champion, to Keith Code of the hallowed California Superbike School, and even the current crop of AMA SX riders, everyone gets their due in the movie.


2. HITTING THE APEX – The First Movie Company LLC

This one is for the die-hard MotoGP fanatics. The movie covers the life of six MotoGP riders in the paddock as it picks up from its prequel – “Fastest”. The main protagonists of the movie are Valentino Rossi, Casey Stoner, Jorge Lorenzo, Dani Pedrosa, Marc Marquez and the late Marco Simoncelli. In the documentary, these ‘superhumans’ and their family members share the experiences they’ve had over the course of the 2013 and 2014 seasons. Hitting the Apex also narrates the rise of Marc Marquez as well as the untimely death of Simoncelli. It puts things in a perspective as to how these warriors are not invincible as they may seem, but their legacy definitely continues forever.  The team of Mark Neale, MotoGP commentator, and Brad Pitt have taken the franchise to another level as they make use of the vast video bank of Dorna while Pitt’s voiceover manages to bring out the purest of emotions.

3. ON ANY SUNDAY – Solar Productions

Another documentary set in the United States of America, On Any Sunday came out at a time when motorcyclists were considered social outcasts and biking was given a bad name. But as the movie reached the corners of the USA, it became one of the reasons why people aspired to ride motorcycles. And to top that, legendary actor and racer Steve McQueen played a huge part in the movie, as he was a part of the racing community back in 1971, while producing the film. On Any Sunday was also one of the first to use helmet mounted camera-shots by making use of the production spec cameras of that era and not the GoPros that we so enjoy taking footage with. While the riders were made to ride with bulky equipment and tackle obstacles with them, some of the footage recorded still puts many of the current ones to shame.

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